Sign In Language & Placement


Early research informed us that consumers had concerns about signing in to access TV Everywhere services. Responses included:

  • Concerned about spam
  • Prefer not to have to sign in every time to access TV Everywhere
  • Confused about who will get the sign in information

2017 research identified that one reason for cutting back on TVE use has jumped to the top: TVE is harder to use than other online sources.

A consistent experience will help consumers better understand the service and be more confident about accessing TV Everywhere.

Research also confirms that consumers do not understand the term “authenticate” and prefer language such as “verify your credentials by Signing In with your TV service provider’s User ID and Password.”  Thus, the word “authenticate” should be relegated to internal industry use, in favor of using the more consumer-friendly “verify”.

Establishing a universal language is critical to guiding consumers through the authentication process. Additionally, the consumer should be reminded that their credential information is secure and that access to TV Everywhere is an added benefit to their cable subscription.

These elements should also be made available in Spanish and translated consistently.


Authentication Language

  • Use the words “Sign In” (vs. Log In) to consistently communicate that the customer is gaining access to view TV Everywhere programming.
  • Use other terminology (Login, register, etc.) to inform the customer they're signing in for benefits or information other than TV Everywhere
  • Use capital ‘S’ and capital ‘I’ in Sign In, two words, no hyphen.
  • Use the words ‘User ID’ or ‘Email’; this can be specific to each MVPD.
  • Use the word “Password”.
  • On mobile app – top or center of authentication screen
  • Sign In options can be placed in additional locations if they are first presented as outlined above.

    • In cases when sign in is not required until the consumer attempts to access “locked” content, use the Sign In call to action to inform the consumer that they are accessing TV Everywhere programming.
    • Leverage the Sign In page to promote the benefits of TV Everywhere, assure the consumer that their information is secure, and help consumers understand that they are signing in to view TV Everywhere content.
    • Include a message informing the consumer why "verifying their credentials" is important for their security.
    • Place a link or paragraph about the Privacy Policy prominently on the Sign In page to assure the customer that their information is secure.
    • Provide an option for the consumer to send an email address to be notified when this network will be available from the MVPD or content provider.
    • Include messaging to the consumer that the content is made available as a benefit of their cable subscription - at no extra charge.
    • Use the Sign In page real estate to promote the benefits of TV Everywhere, which will encourage Sign In and will directly tie the process of Sign In with the ability to view the content on the device.
    • Optimize all displays and processes associated with TV Everywhere for the device. The TV Everywhere service is explicitly related to accessing programming on a mobile to connected TV device.  It’s imperative that the functional wrap-around the content is optimized to make reading, data entry and selections easy to execute.

    TV Everywhere Messaging Points

    Recommended TVE Benefits Messaging to Encourage Sign In Points, based on CTAM/HUB research on TV Everywhere emotional drivers (4Q2016):

    • Get all the benefits of streaming TV included in your cable/[provider name] subscription
    • Makes accessing and watching simple and stress-free, with a familiar process
    • Live TV anywhere, anytime
    • Puts you in control – TVE the way you want it
    • Means you’re caught up on current shows and past seasons

    Sign In Confirmation


    Consumer research confirms that a personalized welcome message is highly valued by customers to confirm they have successfully signed in to view TV Everywhere services.  Based upon MVPD capabilities, the message recommendations are listed below by customer priority. It should be clear that the welcome is from the MVPD.

    “Welcome! You're now signed in to view TV Everywhere as a benefit of your cable subscription.”  

    Secondary message: you are now signed in to view TV Everywhere programming from your TV service provider, , a benefit of your cable subscription. Include the white check mark in a green circle icon. (See Iconography section)
    Provide the consumer the option to click to exit the confirmation screen. Otherwise it should auto-dissolve after 3-5 seconds.