Service Provider Selection


To view TV Everywhere content from most network apps or websites, the consumer is required to choose his or her TV service provider.
Research indicates consumers prefer to select from a series of logos to choose a service provider when using a computer or tablet.  From a mobile device, the consumer prefers to use a predictive search function to find their service provider.


Web-based Picker Access

Content Providers

  • Display logos of the top nine to twelve MVPD providers when asking the consumer to select his/her TV service provider. Reinforce or highlight the phrase "TV service provider" (I.e., not Internet service provider, if these are not the same).
  • The list should be based on MVPD homes passed. We note that in some instances, the logos included on the Picker page are dictated by business rules between the content provider and the cable company. However, it is recommended that there be no more than 9-12 logos displayed at one time, so as to not overload consumers with too much information.
  • Use a “See Other TV Service Provider” link to bring up a predictive search screen, with TV Service providers listed alphabetically and the option for consumer to enter TV Service Provider name for it to display.
  • Use both/full names for search, e.g., Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, etc.
  • When the consumer doesn't have access, consider providing a link to the MVPD site or toll-free number so that the subscriber can get more information.

Mobile-based Picker Access

For smartphones, if possible use the top 9-12 MVPD logos as described above. If not possible, provide predictive search functionality.
MVPD Sign In Confirmation (See also Sign In Confirmation section)

Display a confirmation screen or message informing the customer that he/she has verified credentials and is successfully signed in to see TV Everywhere programming.

Provide the consumer the option to click to exit the confirmation screen. Otherwise it should auto-dissolve after 3-5 seconds.











Don’t see your TV provider?



Mobile-based Picker


MVPD Sign In Confirmation


Predictive Search with "Don't see your provider" link