Persistent MVPD Selection

Persistent MVPD Selection functionality is employed by content providers. It assumes the consumer’s service provider after the initial sign in on a device.

Example: Customer goes to a Content Provider web site or app (Turner Classic Movies), selects service provider X and signs in with service provider credentials to watch a movie. Once the viewer has finished watching the movie, if he/she does not sign out from the TVE service provider, he/she can return to the content provider site later to view additional content and service provider X will be assumed / selected.
In some instances, the viewer may be required to re-enter their user name and password, but will not be required to re-select his/her service provider.

Best practice recommendation for persistent MVPD selection:

When persistent MVPD selection is in place, the provider selection screen should present the assumed service provider, but the option to “continue or change service provider” should also be presented, to allow for unique situations such as visitors using a HH device.