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Working Description of TV Everywhere

A multidevice viewing experience offered to verified TV service provider customers through websites and apps, at no additional cost.



TVE Marcom Best Practices


Download recommendations for TV Everywhere marketing with examples, culled from the best practices of Marcom subcommittee members.



Consumer Communications

NCTA:The Future of TV is Apps

Apps are the Future of TV from NCTA on Vimeo.





Examples of blogger coverage:


Motherhood Moment:


Joe's Daily:




Eighty MPH Mom:


The Night Owl Mama:



Examples of online media coverage of FOX Stream It and Dream It! Sweepstakes:


Internal Communications


The Marcom subcommittee has created an internal Roadshow presentation that can be used within partner companies to communicate the background and value of the TV Everywhere project. This Roadshow presentation will be updated as new information is available to include. 


If you would like to receive the current, customizable PowerPoint version of the file, please email


Infographics illustrating key research data regarding TV Everywhere are also available for use in internal communications:


TV Everywhere Ambassador Infographic - CTAM Logo  


TV Everywhere Ambassador Infographic - Customizable  


Cable Subscriber Infographic


MVPD Subscriber Infographic



Industry Communications



Please CLICK HERE for CTAM TV Everywhere (SM) Awareness Communications press release (December 7, 2014)


Please CLICK HERE for CTAM HUB TV Everywhere Study press release (July 2, 2014)


Please CLICK HERE for TV Everywhere press release (April 14, 2014)


Please CLICK HERE for TV Everywhere talking points


About the Logo


The logo has been selected to represent the new TV Everywhere brand. This mark was chosen by the TV Everywhere Messaging Subcommittee from among many options, and the committee's recommendation was approved by the TV Everywhere Steering Committee.


The logo was developed by Periscope, a full-spectrum impact agency with over 30 years of experience. Periscope's claim to fame is "smart, insightful ideas that aim for the heart to achieve real results." This agency found its way to our hearts by offering tv everywhere high-end creativity and service for this project on a pro bono basis.


Text Usage


In text, TV Everywhere always appears as a proper noun in mixed case, with no quotation marks, italics, bold, or other font treatments.

The abbreviation TVE always appears in upper case in text, with no other font treatments. It should be established in the first reference within body copy of a document as: TV Everywhere (TVE), but only when it will be used repeatedly. Its use is currently limited to CTAM member communications, trade, and internal documentation only. It should not appear in consumer marketing and communications materials until further notice.


Style Guide & Logo Files



Download the NEW TV Everywhere style guide, updated March, 2015 

The most popular logo files are available below for download in .eps/.ai, .jpg and .png formats. See the TVE style guide for alternative color palettes (files available upon request; please contact

Primary Logos:

Primary Gradient Logo

downloads: .eps file    .jpg file     .png file


One-Color Logo

downloads: .eps file     .jpg file     .png file


downloads: .eps file     .jpg file     .png file


Icon Logos: For limited use only. Refer to TVE style guide or contact CTAM.

Gradient TVe Icon

downloads: .ai file     .jpg file     .png file

One-Color TVe Icon 

downloads: .ai file     .jpg file     .png file


downloads: .ai file     .jpg file     .png file







To download the key and authorization checkmark icon files, please visit UX Recommendations - Sign In Iconography