ID Linking & Social Media Sign In


Research indicates that users of social media services are also heavy users of online video services. Allowing these users to Sign In by pairing their social IDs to TV Everywhere access, or by accessing TV Everywhere programming through social media sites, will likely increase awareness and usage among this customer segment.
ID Linking allows consumer to Sign In with certain social credentials without concern for sharing push notifications with the social media outlet.
Social Media Sign In enables a consumer to connect to TV Everywhere content via social media web sites.


OPTIONAL: Allow ID Linking for access to TV Everywhere content (cable companies and content providers).
OPTIONAL: Establish Sign In partnerships with at least one of the top social media/online applications (cable companies). The top social media sites recommended:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+

Collaborate with OATC (Open Authentication Technical Committee) to develop partnerships and best practices.