Home Based Authentication (HBA)


Home based authentication is the process whereby a subscriber is automatically granted access to TV Everywhere content on select devices that are connected to their home network.

Customer Requirements:

  • Must be in-home
  • DO need to select MVPD from the MVPD picker
  • The picker may be pared down to show user’s MVPD, with option to see list instead
  • Must use a device currently supported by the serving MVPD
  • Must have the network as a part of the general subscription


Provide FAQs covering the subjects below and use, as appropriate, in other customer communications to facilitate a better understanding of home based authentication (HBA). .

How does HBA work?

<MVPD> customers can get access to TV Everywhere video on select devices when connected to their home network. <enter MVPD TVE Name> matches your device’s network address with the network address assigned to your modem, enabling you to view the content included in your TV package without the need to sign in with your <cable company> ID and Password.

It’s easy – launch the <cable company or content provider> TV Everywhere website or app, and select the content you wish to watch. Confirm <cable Company> as your cable company, and we will verify you automatically.  Once verified, you may need to re-enter credentials when using this service outside the home.How do I ensure that my kids are not getting access to inappropriate content via HBA?

NOTE: Each MVPD needs to supply an answer to this question and link to deeper information on parental controls.


Which networks/channels can I watch with HBA?

Currently, HBA is enabled for the following networks.  <Link to list – specific to each MSO>.  However, even if HBA is not available, you can still access many networks for TV Everywhere viewing by manually signing in with your <MPVD> credentials.  Currently, the following networks are accessible for TV Everywhere viewing. <Link to list – specific to each MSO>.  Please check back soon for updates.

Can I move to other shows/networks, once I’ve been signed in through HBA?

You can view any networks that are currently available in your cable subscription and permit TV Everywhere viewing. Some networks may require re-entry of credentials more often than other networks do. Note: Reference list in “which networks/channels can I watch with HBA?” (number 3, above).

Can I schedule recordings or add items to my watchlist?

NOTE: This question/answer is optional for MVPDs. If used, note that the customer will need to sign in to manage devices.

What features will require me to sign in to use or view?

NOTE: This question/answer is optional and should be customized by MVPDs. To protect your privacy, you must sign in to view your history, recommendations and favorite channels, as well as to make changes to your Parental Controls and ZIP Code Listings.  If you have forgotten your user name and/or password, you can retrieve these by visiting <enter link for support>.

Why is HBA authorized for some channels and not for others?

Check back often as we are constantly working to improve the experience and authorizing additional channels.