Hispanic UX

Hispanics & Unique UX Considerations

Contributions by Stephanie Balderrama, President - Consumer Insights Group


Hispanics are leaders of technology adoption and are power consumers of mobile video

  • Over-index in video consumption.
  • Very tethered to mobile and other devices; like another appendage.
  • Not prone to using MVPD or programmer apps; tied more to public search - Google, Hulu, etc.
  • Mobile reigns supreme for this group, so a concise experience in this environment is a must!


Overall Recommendations for Sign In for the Hispanic market

  • This segment, more so than other segments, wants fast and easy
  • Audience moves quickly; keep messaging short, well placed, on point so that it is retained
  • The sign in process should be available in Spanish with access from the first Sign In page; include the option to proceed in Spanish
  • The sign in process must be simple; keep the explanations and directions very basic as this segment is prone to glance over instructions
  • Need to know: "A benefit of your subscription at no additional cost" and “Need user name or password?  Click here" - all in Spanish. Instructions to retrieve credentials should also be in Spanish.
  • Make sure that account log-in and TVE sign in are not co-located and are differentiated with an explanation
  • Provide obvious / apparent solution for those with shared accounts in a single home

It is very common for Hispanic users to select Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse as their provider simply because they get their phone service from Verizon or AT&T. We must carefully and fully explain that TVE is a benefit of a TV service provider.

Additional considerations


  • Terminology cannot be abrupt or shorthand. Longer phrasing is often necessary because new concepts or terms are being introduced. For instance, “verifica tu cuenta” is not serviceable. It must be “verifica tu cuenta de servicio de TV” (verify your TV service provider account)
  • Spanish-speaking CSRs and FAQs in Spanish are important
  • Hispanics have many access requirements in the home; provide sub-accounts that can be used by others at home.
  • Most make it through Sign In with needed clarity or confirmation on the following points: 

“Is this a free service or not?”

“Is it open to anyone or a subscriber benefit?”

Which password to use and why they may have to re-verify credentials upon their return.

What is the value… is it just On Demand? 

These recommendations have been integrated, where appropriate, within the UX Sign In recommendations and will be updated as required.


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