Customer Support for Sign In Failure


In a recent report, Hub Research provided insights into consumer perceptions and behaviors as they relate to verification:

  • 43% of those questioned said getting TV content online is more involved than necessary.
  • 46% said that they have opted not to verify their credentials in the past.
  • 55% said that they didn’t go back and enter their information later.
As a result, it is imperative that cable companies and content providers not only make the consumer verification process easier, but make readily available and accessible the support tools to aid the consumer with the Sign In process.

Accordingly, the recommended customer tools should include: FAQ, live chat, troubleshooting guide, video tutorials/infographics, automated email response, and social media support. The Sign In section should include a list of devices supported/system requirements. It is also important to explain how “Remember Me” functionality works, and why this functionality may not work.




Support Tools Best Practices

Sign In Assistance

Provide help links to make sign in easy, including:

  • Forgot Username?
  • Forgot Password?
  • Forgot Username & Password?
  • Don’t have a Username? 

Additionally, provide the consumer access to credentials without requiring the consumer to locate a recent bill, e.g., by using phone number, street address, last 4 digits of SSN, date of birth, etc.


Organize the FAQ according to topic when possible, for ease of navigation, and include search by subject.

Examples: Showtime, USA Networks, HBO GO

Live Chat

Make live chat available on the Sign In section of the experience to provide real-time support to assist customers with the sign in process.

Examples: Cox Support, Time Warner Cable, Netflix

Video Tutorials/Infographics

Use video tutorials and/or infographics to illustrate how customers can access TV Everywhere content.

Examples: WatchESPN, Watch Disney

Automated Email Responses

Do not leave the customer with any unanswered questions. In addition to other support tools, be sure to provide the customer with assurance that their questions or problems will be addressed by either the cable company or the content provider.

Example: Food Network

Social Media Support

Optional: Allow customers to sign in using select social media credentials.

Examples: Xfinity Sign In, Watch ESPN

List Device and System Requirements

Inform the consumer about which devices and platforms are able to be used to access TV Everywhere programming.

Examples: FOX NOW, HBO, ESPN, Disney


Ensure that all content in the Sign In section automatically translates to Spanish when Spanish language content is being accessed.  Example: Univision




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