Content Search & Discovery

Metadata is the descriptive information about programming that includes information like the title, storyline, cast, genre, release date, images and more. Metadata impacts TVE in several ways.
•    It is the key to content search, discovery and personalization for the consumer
•    It creates the opportunity to deliver new revenue streams through enhanced product placement and targeted advertising
It enables consumers to easily discover on multiple platforms the content they want to watch
As powerful as comprehensive, accurate metadata can be, the opposite is true too.  Poorly-composed metadata can frustrate customers and even drive viewers to other platforms for content consumption.

Best practice recommendations for search and discovery
•    Allow the viewer to search for content several different ways.
        Genre/sub-genre categories (see guidelines)
        Series number/name
        Actor/director/producer/writer/composer etc.
        Show/event name
        Topic or theme
•    Provide a listing of all shows/events on the web site that allows the viewer to scroll new or old content
•    Mark content that is about to expire visibly
•    Highlight new and trending content accordingly
•    Use clips to capture interest
•    Provide reviews/ratings of content by other viewers