TV Everywhere Industry Resource Center

CTAM and its Member Companies have joined to focus increasing consumer awareness and usage of TV Everywhere services.

This website serves as a resource center for member companies to access current recommendations, research, tools and news about TV Everywhere.

A CTAM Board-appointed Steering Committee has led the way since 2013, establishing direction to address the following areas:

  •     Recommend best practices for the user experience in areas such as verification (authentication)
  •     Track implementation of these best practices
  •     Develop a core service descriptor and supporting messages that resonate with consumers
  •     Plan and execute consumer campaigns to build awareness and promote the benefits of TV Everywhere

The Steering Committee directs the work of experts on two subcommittees to deliver User Experience (UX) and Marketing & Communications recommendations and tools. These subcommittees, in turn, confer frequently with the Residential Products Working Groups to ensure broad industry support of the recommendations.


Steering Committee

Mark Garner, Co-chair
SVP Distribution, Business Development, Analytics and Marketing
A+E Networks

Matt Strauss, Co-chair
SVP and GM, Video Services

Jennifer Ball
EVP Marketing & Content Partnerships

Bob Benya
President & CEO
IN Demand

Jamia Bigelow
SVP, Distribution Marketing
Fox Networks Group

Justin Connolly
Executive Vice President at Disney & ESPN Media Networks
Disney/ESPN Networks

Deena Demasi
EVP, Distribution

Tammy Franklin
SVP, Digital Distribution & Strategy
Scripps Networks

Jonathan Freeland
VP, Marketing
Cox Communications

Stephen Gushee
VP, Domestie Network Distribution

John Harran
SVP Business Development & Digital Distribution; Strategic Partnerships
Turner Broadcasting

Kelly Kane
VP, Marketing Strategy & Partnerships
Discovery Communications

David McNaughton
SVP, Marketing
Mediacom Communications

Juliette Morris
EVP, Marketing & Communications
NBC Universal

Brad Samuels
TV Content Distribution
Bloomberg LP

Heather Stanley
Director, Product Management & Evolution

Marketing Communications (Marcom) Subcommittee

Heather Baldino, Turner Broadcasting
Jennifer Ball, Univision
Jill Bondurant, Discovery Networks
Andrew Borak, Viacom
Liz Buhn, ESPN
Amber Callahan, Charter
Anne Cowan, CTAM
Lori Davis, Charter
Tracey Edwards, Cox Communications
Jonathan Freeland, Cox Communications
Michael Gnojewski, Viacom
Kathy Govier, Turner Networks
Stacie Gray, iNDEMAND
Sheila Green, Discovery Networks
Caroline Harris, Scripps Networks
Rebecca Hunka, Armstrong
Andy Hunter, Comcast
Barry Kay, Altice USA
Adam Kennedy, Scripps Networks
Barkley Kern, C-SPAN
Jessica Korner, A+E Networks
Susan Mattia, ESPN
Jamie McFarland, Discovery Networks
Eddie Mercado, Discovery Networks
Ashvini Naidu, ABC
Bonnie O'Donnell, Fox Networks Group
Elizabeth Rasberry, Cox
Tamara Ratliff, Scripps Networks
Dan Riley, Midcontinent
Rob Stoddard, NCTA
Stephanie Stone, Viacom
Jeannie Thurston, Midcontinent
Ninoska Zucconi, Univision

User Experience (UX) Subcommittee

Katie Bager, Synacor
Joe Bahr, HBO
Dan Baker, Comcast
Laura Barker, HBO
Alex. Beach, Discovery Communications
Tony Biggar, Midcontinent
Angie Britt, CTAM
Andrew Cochran, Disney/ESPN
Graham Cole, Scripps
Jason Coppola, HBO
Jeff Douglas, Discovery Communications
Blake Foley, Reelz
Vito Forlenza, Comcast
Horia Galatanu, Adobe
Mark Gathen, Cox Communications
Sheila Green, Discovery Communications
Victor Guss, Fox Networks Group
Ramonica Harton, Turner Networks
James Hutchins, Synacor
Dina Juliano, NBCU
Barry Kay, Altice USA
Abi Ketheranathan, Charter
Abraham Kim, NBCU
Jay Langa, Cox Communications
Julius Lee, Disney/ESPN
Karen Livius, Turner Broadcasting
Rob Macaulay, Reelz
Chris McCown, Scripps Networks
Jamie McFarland, Discovery Networks
Yannick Measson, Univision
Brian Menard, Mediacom Communications
Eddie Mercado, Discovery Networks
Matt Meyers, Charter
Mike Michuda, Charter
Kitty Ohman, Charter
Dan Riley, Midcontinent
Mary Roben, Altice USA
Charles Scarborough, Cox Communications
Kelly Shoemaker, Scripps Networks
Evan Silverman, A+E Networks
Ari Tan, Viacom
Noah Vadnai, A+E Networks
David Washburn, Charter
Clif Watkins, Charter